Emergency Lighting

The PowerWAVE EL series is designed to deliver complete emergency lighting protection for a range of applications, according to European BS EN50171 specification. These static inverter emergency lighting systems address the need for a range of high performance single and three phase static inverter systems, manufactured using state of the art technology to give your operation the peace of mind it needs.

Boasting true double conversion and PWM technology, the entire range is capable of 120% continuous overload. UPS Ltd’s most intelligent battery monitoring maximises service life and a galvanic isolation transformer is included as standard.

  • PowerWAVE EL100 SeriesSingle / Three Phase (500–3000VA)

    PowerWAVE EL100 Series

    This single phase static inverter (4kVA – 12kVA) series provides a solution for higher power, single phase standby lighting loads. Offering high reliability with low maintenance, it comes in a wide range of standard ratings and has battery options to suit all applications.

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  • PowerWAPowerWAVE EL100XA Series Single Phase (4–12kVA)VE EL100XA Series Single Phase (4kVA – 12kVA)

    PowerWAVE EL100XA Series

    High performance static inverter with single-phase input and output providing emergency battery power using state-of-the-art technology. Designed for central power supply systems, fire alarms, emergency backup lighting, medical systems and entertainment venues, the EL100XA series is available in a wall-mounted or standalone unit from 500VA to 3000VA.

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  • PowerWAVE EL200 Series Single / Phase (10–30kVA)

    PowerWAVE EL200 Series

    Reliable emergency power system with three phase input and single phase output providing power from 10kVA to 30kVA. Available in three models, the EL200 series is designed using true double conversion and PWM technology that meets the latest European EN 50171 specification for emergency lighting.

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  • PowerWAVE EL300DSP

    PowerWAVE EL300DSP Series

    High performance, transformerless, three phase input and output static inverter with a choice of models providing power from 10kVA to 160kVA. Ideal for battery powered emergency lighting and power supply across retail, medical and industrial applications, using the latest advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology . Simple installation with low running costs and minimal maintenance.

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