UPS Ltd & Royal Bank of Scotland

In this video Mike Elms, UK Sales Manager for Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited, explains how and why The Royal Bank of Scotland chose UPS Ltd to install their uninterruptible power supply system. UPS Ltd and RBS have been working together since 2006 when RBS required an engineering upgrade to all their critical IT and Communications rooms throughout the UK and Ireland. UPS support was needed for the critical IT and communications room equipment. RBS required a UPS system that had a small footprint but that incorporated redundancy. Mike explains that UPS Ltd modules are stacked vertically rather than horizontally meaning the UPS systems are compact; they can also be replaced easily as the modules can be slotted in and out of the vertical cabinet. UPS Ltd provided RBS with a 24 hour 365 days a year maintenance plan so if any maintenance was required a UPS Ltd member would be on site to fix it.



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